All-American Vegan Meal

I noticed that Bareburger has been promoting the Impossible Burger a lot. I mean, it’s plastered all over social media and even on its restaurants, so it’s kind of hard to miss. I have heard so much about this “you wouldn’t believe it’s not meat” burger. I’ve tried a lot of vegan burgers that have left me only somewhat satisfied. Naturally, I was skeptical. After being overwhelmed with curiosity, I finally went to Bareburger.I had to see if the Impossible Burger was everything people were saying and more. I looked for something else to have on the side and noticed their fries were listed as vegan, so I added it to my order. While I continued to skim the menu for the perfect beverage to complete my meal, I came across the shakes. There was one flavor that was vegan, it sounded pretty good. I turned to the waiter and said “Uhhh, let me get this too.” An Impossible Burger, shake, and fries. Sounds like an all-American vegan dream meal, right?
I waited to be seated for about 45 minutes, patiently of course. Since I have wanted to try the Impossible Burger for a while, I didn’t mind the wait. With that being said, I scrutinized my meal, trying to determine if every bite I took was worth feeling my stomach growl for that extended period of time.

Here’s the breakdown:

Coconut ice cream and hemp shake

The main thing that annoys me about ordering shakes is that most of the time when I get them they aren’t even drinkable yet! You know what I mean, when you have to wait like 10 minutes for it to get soft enough to even go up the straw…yea, that. It seems as if they scooped the ice cream out and put it in the cup as is, without blending it or anything.

When my shake was finally soft enough to drink, I wasn’t really impressed by the taste. The coconut flavor was faint. It should’ve just been vanilla, which I would’ve preferred (vanilla ice cream is actually my favorite). The shake wasn’t cheap, either. It didn’t really add much to the meal so I feel like I could’ve gone without it.

Score- 2.5 out of 5 forks*


Fries are one of those staple sides that can complete any meal. Bad fries are hard to come by, but so are really great ones. There are a lot of “just fine” fries out there, though. These were “just fine.” They reminded me of Burger King fries, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When you’re hungry they do the job of keeping you satisfied. I would’ve liked these to be a lot crispier and to have had a little more flavor. Maybe some better seasonings would‘ve done the trick. I’d still order them again because I feel like I need them when I order a burger, without fries the meal doesn’t feel whole.

Score- 3 out of 5 forks*

Impossible™ burger

I’ve heard sooooo much about this burger, which made me want to try it for myself. Since I’ve given up meat, one of the cravings I get the most is for burgers 😦 It’s been difficult trying to find a vegan one that tastes similar to the burgers I vowed to never eat again. None of them have been quite there for me. But this one? *The* Impossible Burger? All I could ever want has been found.

First, let’s talk toppings because they greatly contributed to my satisfaction. I got red onions, lettuce, vegan American cheese, and ketchup on my burger. When I took my first bite, all those ingredients including the soft, yet crunchy sprout bun blended perfectly together. In that moment, I tasted happiness. Sometimes vegan cheese can be obnoxious in its “wannabe like real cheese” taste but this one wasn’t too pronounced.

Now for the Impossible patty itself… I asked for mine to be extra well done; I like a firm texture for my “meats.” It came out perfect, exactly what I asked for. It wasn’t dry, which one might think could happen. The savoriness of the burger could make anyone want to ask the serverif he/she got the order right, and that it was truly vegan. I just wish that the burger was a bit bigger; I was sad to finish it so fast and was left wanting more. I plan to go back to Bareburger for another Impossible burger and I can’t wait!

Overall score 

5 out of 5 forks* (no kidding)

*Forks- rating system used by Veggie Bitch forks=stars


13 thoughts on “All-American Vegan Meal

  1. That coconut hemp shake sounds soooo good in theory, I hope they up their game and give it a flavor boost! Love the article and graphics, come on veggie bitch!

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  2. If I wasn’t hungry before I definitely am now. Hmm, never tried making vegan burgers. Sounds like a challenge worth tackling. I’d have to try this “impossible” burger first though.

    Liked by 1 person

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