Veggie Bitch is Coming Back!

…and this blog is going to be better than ever!Where has Veggie Bitch been?

Hello to those who have been following this blog. I haven’t posted in a while due to my hectic schedule with school and stuff. Unfortunately, maintaining this blog wasn’t on the top of my list of priorities. HOWEVER, school is now out and one of my summer goals is to improve my time management skills! I still eat a lot of food and talk about it with everyone I know with great passion, so it only makes sense to start this blog back up again and share with others.

What’s new, Veggie Bitch?

The main thing that has changed since I originally began this blog is that I’m cooking at home A LOT MORE. In the past, I was eating out so much and I rarely made anything at home. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat out frequently but there’s a better balance of me cooking at home too. I decided to start make more food at home to mainly help save money and I’d say it has worked! Most of my meals out weren’t terribly expensive (spending about ~$10-15 on average) but it does add up. Cooking at home has been really fun and I’ve perfected a lot of recipes which I can’t wait to share with you all!

How is this blog going to be better than ever?

Here are some improvements coming with the revamping of Veggie Bitch:

  • Consistent posting
  • Original recipes
  • Reviews on more vegan products
  • Prices posted along with ingredients (so you’ll see eating vegan isn’t as pricey as you thought๐Ÿ˜‰)

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